Sentence Building


Reading is an essential part of literacy as well as writing. For a young child, learning to write can be a daunting task. With so many grammar rules and different sentence structures, it is easy to get overwhelmed. I am here to help you think of creative new ways to teach writing to your students. If you have a Pinterest account, the possibilities are endless and can be overwhelming. This is going to narrow it down to some tried and true ways! One of my favorite ways to help your readers work on being writers is the Lego game. This is as simple as writing age-appropriate words on Legos and having them literally build sentences. If you want to work on certain sentences, you can pair the words with a worksheet and have your students match the Legos with the worksheet.

Legos 1.pdf.jpg

The Lego game is a great way to practice because it is very versatile. This will not only work on building sentences, but it will also work on their reading and sight words. If your readers are not at the sentence building stage yet, you can have them match upper and lower case letters on the blocks. Being able to recognize letters and their sounds is an important step on the way to literacy. One of the most important ways to teach writing is to constantly think of ways to make it fun and new. Students do not need any more lessons where they are taught at. They need lessons where they can interact and explore their creativity. Not every student is going to learn the same way, so having a few different strategies will pay off. As teachers, it is our job to feed this creativity and encourage it.

By: Jessica Wing


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