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Dinese Murray,M.S.



Dinese Murray is the Founder and CEO for Literacy Approaches LLC. Dinese has two Master's of Science degrees. One Master's of Science degree in Elementary Education, and another Master’s of Science degree in Literacy Education. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education. She has worked with a range of schools, colleges and educational programs nationwide. She has over 20 years experience as an educator. Dinese teaching strategies have been applied in multiple states and regions across the nation. She has served as a new teacher mentor, literacy staff developer, curriculum facilitator as well as a district-wide trainer for teachers. She has participated in district and state level committees helping to publish documents that have been widely used by educators. Dinese is passionate about literacy. As a child she struggled with reading and writing.  She was able to develop a love and appreciation for literacy and ultimately success by participating in various literacy programs.  Early in college Dinese decided to be a teacher. Her mission was to help students who struggled with literacy. She understood all to well what it felt like to struggle as a reader.  She has written a successful grant for an after-school literacy program. She was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Texas state Senator Royce West for developing and coordinating the Literacy Enhancement program for students in DeSoto, Texas.

As principal literacy consultant, Dinese will provide intensive support by identifying areas of teaching and learning which require development and draw up a literacy plan to help schools reach their goals.  Dinese offers teacher workshops tailored for your specific needs. All presentations are prepared using researched-based and standard-based content. Dinese is noted for her enthusiasm and material that can be implemented immediately. Dinese is committed to helping students, teachers, and parents achieve success through Literacy Approaches.