Courtney Hepple

"My children asked if we could attend all three days at the end of the

first day. All three girls talked to everyone about what they learned

and how excited they were to be attending again tomorrow! My niece

even told her parents all about what she learned and that she couldn't

wait for the next day! I am glad we decided to attend."

-Courtney Hepple

Whitney Harris

"This is one of the greatest programs! They teach you a lot about nature, science etc. Also the other great part is there are hands-on activities.  It teaches both the kids and parents. It's fun!  I would highly tell parents to bring their kids of any age, they will enjoy it, I know my daughter and I did."

-Whitney Harris

Kelly Baungarner

Kelly Baungarner

My children ages 9 and 5, both really enjoyed this program. They were hesitant to come the first day but were excited to come back. They really enjoyed learning more about birds and listening to the stories. They also loved making the paper owl. This is a very nice program that helped keep the children excited about reading and learning during the summer, Thank You!

-Kelly Baungarner